Review : Confessions of a Shopaholic

Title: Confessions of a Shopaholic
Series: Yes.The first in the popular Shopaholic series.

Author: Sophie Kinsella

Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Humor, Chick-lit, Adult
Published by: Black swan
Pages: 319
Format: Paperback
Place: London, England

Cover love:
I’ve the movie tie in edition of the book which looks lovely.



The main character Rebecca (Becky) Bloomwood, a financial journalist, loved to shop anything & everything has a job of telling people how to manage their money but not herself, resulted in debt.
She tried cutting back of the expenditures which didn’t work because of the shopping.
She also tried in making more money but didn’t know where to start.
Her only consolation was to buy herself something . . . just a little something.

Becky was clueless about saving & came up with some crazy schemes to make extra money which were funny. Her character was portrayed well and I liked her with the flaws.
I didn’t like Derek Smeath(Bank manager) in the movie but he appeared as a good one in the book.
And Luke Brandon in the movie was amazing than the book. I missed their scenes in the book.

My thoughts:
I watched the movie adaptation 5 years back & totally loved it but I didn’t know about the book then.
When I came to know about the book & Sophie kinsella is the author of it, I wanted to read it.I really didn’t want to compare the movie with the book but the movie was definitely better.(there.. I said it) I accept that it was my mistake to watch the movie before the book. So I was kinda expecting the scenes in the movie to appear in the book which disappointed me a little. The movie was like a fan fiction of the book.
When I think about it now after finishing the book, I liked it and very much enjoyed the story.
If you want to read a super fast and light, then this is the book for you. An enjoyable read!



Review: Lost words by Nihara Hareesh

Title: Lost words
Cover love:
The book cover is absolutely beautiful. lost words
Genre: Poetry
Pages: 40
Format: ebook


An Anthology of poems that revolve around the different stages of life. Jump into a wave of emotions as the author takes you through real time moments where you are left with abundance of feelings , emptiness and love. Lost Words is all about words lost in the fleeting episodes we call ‘Life’

My review:

*****Disclaimer: This is my first poetry book. And my first review about the same.******

There were both happy and sad poems. It had poems under the titles – Despair, Love and  Her. Even though I liked the heartbreak ones, I  inclined towards the poem about the strong woman who talked about love & thyself. The poems made me feel all at once. I liked how the author started from desperation and finished with hope. It was like the author tried to soothe the readers by her words.

Nihara did it – “Love that breaks you, mends you too”  She has penned down raw emotions. She has written in a way, a newbie like me can understand and enjoy.

My favorite poems are Imperfection(Love) & Happy(Her).


She was different from any other typical girl
He knew that..
He had a mysterious spark
She knew that..
They had a bond so unique
The world knew that..
They were imperfectly perfect
They didn’t know that..


**********************eBook in exchange of an honest review*************************

Book review: Quest for Paradise

Cover love:

The cover depicts the protagonist Ishana’s want of independence. I like it when the cover reflects the story.

Genre: Contemporary fiction
Published by: Notion Press
Format: Paperback
Place: Mumbai, India
Goodreads Blurb:

Ishana, an aspiring tattoo artist, has to cope with all the people around her to gain what she truly desires. Quest for Paradise is a story about love and struggling to vanquish everything in its way, whether it’s people, social stigmas, or an unprecedented catastrophe.

My review:

Ishana wants to be a tattoo artist and starts working as one too. Her parents aren’t supportive. She has a past with deals with physical abuse. And there comes the hero Vaishakh, an investment banker who is also dealing the rough past. Destiny brings them together again and again and the story travels.

The struggle Ishana felt to create her own identity was written beautifully. I love the way the story started.The first chapter was awesome. So, I expected more of a roller-coaster ride but it felt like a bumpy road. Some parts of the story were developed well. I can’t say there weren’t beautiful moments because it had but it was kind of abrupt, not properly blended.

I rooted for Ishana from the start but the way the story traveled, it didn’t give me what i expected for her from her. Her immediate connection with Vaishakh was beautiful but couldn’t accept the way the relationship traveled after some time.

What I didn’t like:

I hated her parents much. Ishana deserved not to be treated the way she was treated by her parents.

What I liked:

I loved the first chapter. Tattooing Avatar movie’s flying dragons and Ishana’s attitude towards Vaishakh was good.  I have to give credit to the author for the interesting chapter titles.  Some parts are researched well.

I have to share Vishakh’s explanation for his Dot tattoo.

“The pale blue dot. This picture was taken by Voyager 1 when it was just outside the solar system. This is where every human is living right now. All our loved ones and all our enemies live inside this. All the wars, treaties, world-changing events,and disasters have happened here, in this dot. This is what I keep with me to remind myself of how insignificant I am, but my life is significant enough to pay heed to the significant things.”

Overall the narration was simple, good plot line but I felt like it could have been developed better.


********************** Book in exchange for an honest review***********************

Book Review: A cage of desires

Title: A cage of desires
Cover love:
The purple color in the background with the woman showing one half of her just matches the heroine’s character in the book. I love it.

A cage of desires

Genre: Contemporary fiction,Erotica
Published by: Penguin

Format: Paperback, 232 pages


Renu had always craved love and security, and her boring marriage, mundane existence somehow leads her to believe that, maybe, this is what love is all about. Maya, on the other hand, is a successful author who is infamous for her bold, erotic books.
What do these two women have in common? How are their lives intertwined?
Renu’s thirst for love and longing takes her on a poignant journey of self-exploration. The answers come to her when she finds the courage to stand up for herself, to fight her inner demons and free herself from the cage of desires . . .

Story: 4 Stars

The story revolves around Renu, a married woman and a mother of 2 children. She longs to be loved by her husband who fails in doing so. Dev, just a husband(name sake) to the society not a partner she needs in her life. He lives in Sitapur away from his family and recently seems detached with her. She has sexual needs which her husband acts like he doesn’t care about. She pours the feelings into writing and becomes an anonymous successful erotica writer in the pen name of Maya.

Ajay, a new tenant gives her the attention she’s craving for. The more she spends her time with him, the more she falls in love with him.

What happens then? Will she let her family crumble down?

Characters: 4.5 Stars

Renu’s character reflects the life of many Indian house wives. She is afraid of what the society will think if her anonymity reveals. She makes mistakes. She allows others to hurt her, both physically and mentally. She rectifies it. She allows her to enjoy herself, standing for what she desires. She is not afraid falling in love again. Her character is a good package.

The 3 men in her life are portrayed like the person we meet in our life. Dev, the chosen one(not), Ajay, the soulmate (not) and the last destined one (spoiler alert).

My overall rating: 4.25 Stars

Even though the story line appears to be familiar with a heroine who has a broken marriage and in need of love and support, this story is told in an extraordinary way. The way the story is traveled, with the characters that hurts and heals Renu along has made her reach the point where she is no longer bound to the norms of the society.

I love how the author has touched a sensitive subject which many fails to accept in the first place. She’s boldly penned down the desires a woman feel. It is not something to be embarrassed about. Hats off to the author!!

Its a gripping read. You all should definitely give it a try. It’s been long time since I liked a good Indian novel. I recommend it!!

****Book in exchange of an honest review****

Book Review: Seductive Affair by Rishabh Puri

Cover love:
The book cover is beautiful but its not an erotica like the cover appears to be.


Genre: Romance thriller (to me its more of a romance than thriller)
Published by: Srishti Publishers
Format: Paperback


Prisha Khatri is a regular college graduate, focused on her career, desperate to finally move out of her parents’ house… and freshly dumped by her successful fiancé. When she lands a job at a prestigious media house, she’s glad to have something to take her mind off her heartbreak.
What she doesn’t expect is to be landed on a business trip with a famously fiery reporter Rajesh Lagheri. He’s travelling to a business conference for a story, and doesn’t seem impressed by her involvement. But as soon as they’re out of the office, things change, and it becomes clear that there is more to Rajesh’s trip than meets the eye.
As Prisha is drawn into the story he’s trying to hide from their editor, their hunt for the story grows more intense, and she finds herself growing closer to Rajesh. As their chemistry threatens to overwhelm them and Prisha is pulled deeper into the Seductive Affair, she must decide what matters most to her – matters of the head, or of the heart.

My overall Rating : 2.5 Stars

The book is good to read when you want to have a light reading. And don’t read the blurb. Read the book without any expectations and you might like it.

Story : 3 Stars.

The blurb is good and the way the story has started is also good but it didn’t do justice to the plot.

Characters: 2.5 Stars

Though the author has mentioned Prisha as a strong one, the one who’s chosen carrier over marriage, the way the story traveled after the flash back didn’t make her look like one. Rajesh is a normal guy – the stereotype one.

Romance : 2 Stars

I didn’t like the romance part at all. A very cheesy one for such a strong blurb. Rajesh didn’t appear interested in Prisha and treated her like shit when they met but then when they traveled together the romance level just moved directly to the 50th floor.


***** I received the book from the author for an honest review ****


Book review – Arrogant Devil by R.S. Grey

I like the story very much that I have read this book in one sitting. HEA with romcom is my thing. And this book hasn’t disappointed me.

Arrogant devil.jpg

Story: 4 Stars

Meredith marriage life is not “the perfect relationship” as it appears to be. The story starts with her running away from her husband as she couldn’t take the abuse anymore. She has landed in Texas where her step sister Helen is staying to whom she has never had a good relationship with. Helen has helped her get into a job in a Ranch she is working with as she is in Paris. There comes the cowboy hero, Jack! He is told that Meredith would run away in a day or two to her husband and her perfect life. And he treats her like a spoiled brat since then. How their relationship turns into friendship and then is taken to another level is wonderfully written by Rachel.
Characters: 5 Stars

Meredith is my favorite heroine. The character development is very good, from a spoiled girl to the best employee of the year. She has worked really hard even though she hasn’t done any of that before.
At first, I didn’t like Jack because of the opinions he has had on Meredith and treated her badly. But then the jealously and romance happened. And he is at his best when he takes care of her after knowing her part of the story. And I have started liking him since then and there is no turning back.
Alfred is my favorite character. He is a golden retriever and is the best companion you can ask for. He showers you with love & love only.
How can I not mention about Edith? She is the best grand mother one can ask for. She is so cool when stands by Meredith against her favorite grandson. She is the sweetest grandma.
Meredith & Jack chemistry – 4 stars

Meredith & Alfred chemistry- 5 cute stars

Go read it already!!

*** eARC provided by the author for anhonest review***


This is a readathon by Booksnbeyondbox where you will be given 3 prompts and you have to complete it in the given time(Dates: 9th June – 30th June). There are 2 tags that should be used this month, one is #bnbreadathon and the other one is #loveislove as June is a Pride month.

Without further ado, lets talk about the books I’ve chosen for each prompts.

Prompt 1: Read a book from LGBTQ genre or from a genre you have never tried


I have never read mythological genre. So this one is both a LGBTQ and a new genre for me.

What I liked: It was the story of both Patroclus & Achilles from Patroclus. The writing was amazing and basically it’ was written from Patroclus POV. I really liked the way the story explored on how the two boys grew up as friends and then became lovers. I liked the love part more than the war sequence.

What I didn’t like: I found it hard to remember the names, kinda confused me. I really liked the book in the beginning but it was dragging towards the end.

My rating: 3.75 Stars


Prompt 2: Read a book sent in the Books n Beyond box


“When Dimple met Rishi” was the BOTM last August.

What I liked: Light-hearted and funny book to read. I like how Dimple wants to do what wants and how Rishi always in constant need to do as he is told by his parents. Yes..Opposites attract!! Dimple isn’t afraid to be herself and independent enough. Rishi is a dedicated boyfriend and a son. I like them both.

What I didn’t like: I like the encounters between these two in the start but towards the end it kind of “duh”. The insta love didn’t click in this book. Bollywood cliches to the core.

My rating: 2.5 stars


Prompt 3: Read a 2018 new release


The Way You Make Me Feel is released on 8th May’18. And this one is my favorite genre – contemporary YA.

What I liked: This book is an adorable & cool summer read. I love all the characters in the book. Clara with her sassy dialogues, Rose with her “want-to-be-perfect-in-everything” attitude, Pai by being a SUPER dad and Hamlet being a cute boyfriend. The story deals anxiety too but it’s not a depressing read. I like how the story revolves around KoBra(Korean Brazillian fusion). I have enjoyed the diversity. Read the first scene and you’ll know how hilarious the book will be.

What I didn’t like: The romance part could’ve been better. Clara & Rose has had better parts than Clara & Hamlet. I kind of felt that there was something missing.

My rating: 3.5 Stars


YAYYY for completing by first BNB readathon. 🙂

Rome’s Chance by Joanna Wylde- Review & Excerpt


From New York Times Bestselling author Joanna Wylde comes ROME’S CHANCE, a new novella in her Reapers MC series, brought to you by 1,001 Dark Nights! Be sure to grab your copy today!


From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Joanna Wylde comes a new story in her Reapers MC series…

Rome McGuire knew he was in trouble the first time he saw her.

She was sweet and pretty and just about perfect in every way. She was also too young and innocent for the Reapers Motorcycle Club. He did the right thing, and walked away.

The second time, he couldn’t resist tasting her.

Gorgeous and smart, fun and full of wonder, she jumped on his bike and would’ve followed him anywhere. Still, she deserved a shot at happiness somewhere bigger and better than a town like Hallies Falls. Walking away wasn’t so easy that time, but her family needed her and he had a job to do.

When she came around a third time, he’d had enough. Randi Whittaker had been given two chances to escape, and now it was time for Rome to take his.

This time, the only way Randi would be leaving Hallies Falls was on the back of Rome’s bike.



Rome’s chance is a short & sweet story of Rome & Randi. It’s a novella that can be read as a standalone. Like me!! This is the first book of hers I’ve read. So it’s time I read her other books.

Rome is a whole package – alpha, confident, romantic, protective & sexxyyy. 4.5 Stars for his character.

Randi is mentioned as innocent one but her thoughts aren’t innocent at all, if you know what I mean. Her character development could’ve been better. 3.5 Stars to Randi.

Apart from Rome & Randi, I love Lexi & Peaches. Lexi is like a roller coaster. And everyone should’ve a friend like Peaches. 4 Stars to supporting characters.

I really love the romance between the two but the love & affection could’ve been portrayed well. Its just that I want to read more about the two as its a short read. 3.5 Stars to the romance.

My rating: 4 Stars

If you want to try Joanna Wylde’s writing style with a good story & a bit of steamy romance, Grab your copy of ROME’S CHANCE today!

Amazon | Amazon AU | Amazon CA | Amazon UK

****eARC received for a honest review***** 

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This was pure chemistry, and we’d had it from the very first. Our eyes had met across that keg and it was all over… Now Rome’s eyes found mine again, and that same spark I was feeling flared in their depths.

“F*ck, you’re beautiful,” he said, his face softening. I blinked, every bit as mesmerized as I’d felt at the grocery store. He leaned forward, still sitting on the bike, and caught my hand, pulling me toward him. “I’m gonna kiss you.”

“Yes, please,” I whispered, brain fully disengaged. His hand came up and caught the back of my head, then our lips met and I died a little.

He’d kissed me twice before, years ago. Those kisses had been soft. Devastating and intense, but very gentle. Sweet.

This was totally different. This came hard and fast, his mouth overwhelming mine with a powerful, masculine hunger I hadn’t expected. His tongue thrust against the seam of my lips, and when I didn’t immediately open, his teeth followed, nipping just enough to startle me. I gasped, and then he was inside.

There was nothing sweet about him right now.

Rome’s hand twisted in my hair, holding my head captive as his tongue pushed inside my mouth. Fire exploded through me, a deep well of heat settling between my legs. My hands reached up to catch his shoulders and then I was all in, giving as good as he gave me.

His other arm came around my waist, crushing me against him. This wasn’t nearly as awkward as it should’ve been, considering he was still on the bike. Maybe we could just skip dinner. Go straight to the fun part of the date…

A loud honking and the sound of someone screaming “Wooohooo!” from a passing car jolted me out of the moment. I pushed against his shoulders. Rome let me step back, although he kept his arm around my body. His eyes were smoky with lust, and I thought I saw the hint of a flush showing underneath the tan of his cheeks.

Yup, the feeling was definitely mutual.

About Joanna Wylde:

Joanna Wylde started her writing career in journalism, working in two daily newspapers as both a reporter and editor. Her career has included many different jobs, from managing a homeless shelter to running her own freelance writing business, where she took on projects ranging from fundraising to ghostwriting for academics. During 2012 she got her first Kindle reader as a gift and discovered the indie writing revolution taking place online. Not long afterward she started cutting back her client list to work on Reaper’s Property, her breakout book. It was published in January 2013, marking the beginning of a new career writing fiction.

Joanna lives in the mountains of northern Idaho with her family.


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Iron princess by Meghan March- Release day





He’s a mystery. An enigma.

His very identity is a secret buried beneath layers of deception.

He’s also an addiction I can’t shake. An attraction I can’t fight.

And then I found out exactly who he is—a man more dangerous than the devil himself.

Now I need him in order to save everything that matters to me.

I have to pull back. Protect myself from the danger that haunts his every step.

Which would be easy . . . if I could stop myself from falling in love with him.


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Who knew things could get even darker and dirtier in New Orleans? New York Times bestselling author Meghan March introduces the Savage Prince of the city, the man you never want to meet. 

I do what I want and who I want. I don’t follow anyone’s rules—even my own.
I knew I shouldn’t touch her, but it didn’t stop me.
Didn’t stop me the second time either. Only made me want a third.
My lifestyle suits the savage I am, and she doesn’t.
But Temperance Ransom is my newest addiction, and I’m nowhere near ready to quit her yet.
I’ll have her my way, even if it means dragging her into the darkness.
Hopefully it doesn’t kill us both.

Savage Prince is book one of the Savage Trilogy, set in the same world as Ruthless King, however you do not need to read the Mount Trilogy to devour this scandalously hot new story.

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | iBooks | BN | Kobo



Unthinkable. Unbelievable. Inconceivable.

I don’t recognize what my life has become. I can’t tell where the lies end and the truth begins anymore.

He came into my world and urged me out of my safe little corner.

All my dreams are coming true except the one thing I want most— my own happy ending.

But I’ll fight for it.

For now.

For always.


iBooks | Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon CA | BN | Kobo | Audible





A New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of over twenty novels, Meghan March has been known to wear camo face paint and tromp around in woods wearing mud-covered boots, all while sporting a perfect manicure. She’s also impulsive, easily entertained, and absolutely unapologetic about the fact that she loves to read and write smut. Her past lives include slinging auto parts, selling lingerie, making custom jewelry, and practicing corporate law. Writing books about dirty talking alpha males and the strong, sassy women who bring them to their knees is by far the most fabulous job she’s ever had.

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Book review: Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia


Goodreads Blurb:

Her story is a phenomenon. Her life is a disaster.

In the real world, Eliza Mirk is shy, weird, and friendless. Online, she’s LadyConstellation, the anonymous creator of the wildly popular webcomic Monstrous Sea. Eliza can’t imagine enjoying the real world as much as she loves the online one, and she has no desire to try.

Then Wallace Warland, Monstrous Sea’s biggest fanfiction writer, transfers to her school. Wallace thinks Eliza is just another fan, and as he draws her out of her shell, she begins to wonder if a life offline might be worthwhile.

But when Eliza’s secret is accidentally shared with the world, everything she’s built—her story, her relationship with Wallace, and even her sanity—begins to fall apart.

My review:

I was very afraid to start this book because of the hype. Now that I’ve read it, I’m finally in peace, it was a good book indeed.

Eliza – famous anonymous webcomic creator who wear sweaters, hardly talk to people at school, spends most of the time online with her “monster’s sea” family.
For a girl like Eliza, you would expect the guy to be talkative/sports person/someone in a gang/hottie of the school. Big No to the above qualifications. Wallace has selective mutism and he wants to be a writer.
The protagonists communicate mostly by writing/texting with minimum of talking. Friendship into romance is wonderfully done. I give 5 stars for the character development.

Eliza’s love of art & creating the characters are amazingly written. The webcomics world – the merch, cosplay, how its being celebrated among fans are described very well.

Internet world- I really love the way the author has appreciated online friendships. We could talk to people who share things alike irrespective of the age gap. That is really portrayed well.

Towards the end I didn’t like the way they made up after not talking for a long time. I hate Wallace for not being with Eliza when she needed him. I found him a little bit(not entirely) selfish. I’m not much into the monster’s sea part actually. I got little irritated when the story/ illustrations popped up. Apart from that the story has everything you could ask for in a YA book.

My rating: 4 Stars

Grab your copy here: Amazon

AIDEN by Melanie Moreland – Teaser Reveal

Today we are sharing some teasers for AIDEN, the second book in the Vested Interest series by Melanie Moreland. Check out the teasers and buy links below.

The Vested Interest series includes 3 books: Bentley, Aiden, and Maddox.

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Three young men meet in university and form a lifelong friendship.

Their pasts dictate the men they are, but their present shapes their future.

What happens when these men meet the one person they are destined to be with? Can they fight their feelings and walk away? Or will they each succumb and learn the sweet agony of love?

Aiden (Vested Interest, #2) by Melanie Moreland

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Haunted by memories of his past, Aiden plays the part of the happy-go-lucky friend. Always ready with a teasing smile or a joke, he is good at hiding his pain.
Using his impressive physique as a shield, he keeps his past buried beneath his rugged exterior.
Except, one woman sees through his façade.
Her green eyes see too much, even as her body tempts him.
Even as his heart yearns for her.
Cami is determined to make him realize that he is worthy of being loved.
He pushes her away at every turn, yet finds himself unable to keep her at arm’s length.
Who will win this battle of love?



Bentley (Vested Interest, #1) by Melanie Moreland

Amazon | iBooks | Kobo | Nook


Maddox (Vested Interest, #3) by Melanie Moreland

Coming August 2018! Add it to Goodreads




Melanie Moreland – Bio:

New York Times/USA Today bestselling author Melanie Moreland, lives a happy and content life in a quiet area of Ontario with her beloved husband of twenty-seven-plus years and their rescue cat Amber. Nothing means more to her than her friends and family, and she cherishes every moment spent with them.

While seriously addicted to coffee, and highly challenged with all things computer-related and technical, she relishes baking, cooking, and trying new recipes for people to sample. She loves to throw dinner parties, and also enjoys travelling, here and abroad, but finds coming home is always the best part of any trip.

Melanie loves stories, especially paired with a good wine, and enjoys skydiving (free falling over a fleck of dust) extreme snowboarding (falling down stairs) and piloting her own helicopter (tripping over her own feet.) She’s learned happily ever afters, even bumpy ones, are all in how you tell the story.



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